How Much Does It Cost to Build a Shopify Website in UAE?

Updated 12 Apr 2024
Published 12 Apr 2024
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Cost to Build Shopify Website in UAE

Multiple e-commerce platforms exist, but the Shopify platform is the legend, and the trend will continue this year.

If you are also set to launch your e-commerce business using Shopify, then it is your right to ask, how much does it cost to develop a Shopify website? It is a commonly asked question for many entrepreneurs like you.

The point is that estimating the exact cost is tricky and unpredictable, as there are several cost-affecting factors associated with it. Each factor plays a crucial role.

To simplify everything, we have created this article to help you understand how much you need to invest in a Shopify website for an e-commerce business in the UAE.

So, let’s start!

Shopify E-commerce Development Platform at a Glance

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that is available for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or an enterprise; its offerings serve all purposes.

Millions of entrepreneurs and businesses are leveraging it from scratch to become big brand. It has a presence in 170+ countries, and its value of global economic activity is $444 billion to date.

The best part is that it allows you to develop your store, your way. Using a drag-and-drop creator, you can build a dazzling storefront and customize your brand’s website your way.

If you want to add more features & functionalities, you can integrate with the 9,701 apps available on the Shopify platform.

It does not force a business to operate within boundaries, as you can sell your products to international customers using marketing tools, social integration, and sales channels.

In addition to the above, here are some UAE Shopify stats that you would love to read.

  • Shopify stores experienced 71% growth year-on-year in Q4-2023.
  • According to the top categories, 24.5% of Shopify stores sell apparel products, 15.0% sell home and garden products, and 14.1% sell beauty and fitness products.
  • Regarding the province, Dubai has a maximum number of Shopify stores: 10,295.

These statistics paint a big picture of Shopify’s growth and indicate the multiple benefits of using it to build an e-commerce website for businesses in Dubai.

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Top Factors Affecting the Cost of your Shopify Website Development

Before we conclude the costs of building a Shopify website, it would be best to understand the cost-effective factors. This will give you an idea of how to estimate the Shopify web development cost.

Let’s have a look at what these are and how they affect it.

#1. Shopify Pricing Plan

One of the most influential factors in Shopify web development cost is Shopify pricing plans. Shopify offers a variety of pricing plans from which you can choose. The plans are available, like:

  • Starter

The Shopify starter plan starts at $1/month and is free for the first three days. As its name implies, it is best if you are looking to start your e-commerce business with the Shopify website.

You can create your store within a few minutes and start selling across social channels. It offers features like order management, analytics, and customer support.

  • Basic

The basic Shopify Plan is for solo entrepreneurs and is the most popular plan among entrepreneurs. With a basic plan, you can start your business for $29 per month, billed once a year.

At this cost, you can have a full-featured online store sufficient to handle the business with a single person.

  • Shopify

The Shopify plan starts at $79 USD/month, is billed once a year, and offers multiple features for a small business or a business with a small team.

With the Shopify plan, you can create five additional staff accounts. It includes its own features, including all features of the starter and basic Shopify plans.

  • Advanced

If your business is growing fast with more requirements, then Shopify’s advanced plan is the best to adapt. It is suitable for businesses dealing in large inventory and has a team size of 10–15 people.

Including the features of its previous plans, it offers features like 3rd-party calculated shipping rates, shipping insurance, 10x checkout capacity, custom reporting and analytics.

  • Plus

Shopify Plus pricing plan is specially designed for large-scale businesses. It offers all enterprise-grade features, including those of all Shopify pricing plans.

In simple words, it simplifies all the requirements of a complex e-commerce business. It starts at $2,300 USD/month on a 3-year term. It completely supports large-scale wholesale businesses and B2B businesses.

Compared to the other Shopify plans, it supports 200 inventory locations, localized global selling, fully customizable checkout with 40x capacity, and more.

#2. Shopify Website Designing

For providing a stunning look to your website, Shopify offers templates. It supports customizing the online storefront.

You can thematize your store in two ways: by using a free theme or by buying a premium theme out of the 165 themes available. Using a drag-and-drop editor, you can make some changes using original images and your own text.

The premium Shopify theme starts at $19 and goes up to $10,000. So, if you are using a premium theme, its cost will contribute to the overall cost of building a Shopify website.

#3. Domain Name Registration

Shopify offers a default subdomain name, for example: But if you want to purchase a custom domain name, you can purchase it from Shopify or a third-party domain name services provider.

Shopify’s domain name registration price range varies between $10-$30, approximately.

#4. Apps & Integration

Apps and integrations are the best way to extend your store’s functionality, but they come at a certain cost. There are 9,700 apps available on the Shopify app store, and 59% of them are free.

However, if you integrate a paid app from the Shopify store or integrate a third-party app, there will be an integration cost.

#5. Hiring Shopify Developers

Although Shopify does not require coding expertise and offers a drag-and-drop editor to set up the basic store, if you have e-commerce development expertise, it’ll help you customize and extend your store’s functionality.

Here, you can hire an e-commerce development service provider in the UAE with proven expertise in custom Shopify development.

Although hiring Shopify developers will increase the cost of Shopify development, it will be beneficial to get long-term results and develop your Shopify website professionally. You can hire dedicated Shopify developers for $20 and up.

The Cost of Developing a Shopify Website in UAE

Now, you have gone through the cost factors of developing a Shopify website. So, considering all these factors, the cost will be like this:

  • Shopify website development cost for a startup: $10,000–$12,000.
  • Cost to develop a Shopify website for a medium-scale business: $15,000 onwards.
  • eEnterprise-grade Shopify website development cost: $25000 onwards.

If you need an exact cost estimation, it would be best to consult with an experienced ecommerce development company in Dubai.

Benefits of Developing a Shopify Website for Business

In UAE, 99% of the population has access to the internet, and they prefer online shopping for their needs like groceries, apparel, DIY tools, toys, and others.

So, suppose you want to launch your Shopify website to sell products across the UAE and in cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and others. In that case, it is the right decision.

Here are some of the benefits of professional Shopify website development for businesses:

  • Better Reach: Using a Shopify website, you can easily reach your target audience as it allows users to shop for the products easily and offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Better Sales: Using a Shopify website, you can showcase a wide range of products, including discounts and coupons, that will attract online shoppers to purchase the desired items.
  • Customization: One of the biggest advantages with Shopify is that it allows for maximum customization, which means you can customize your online store as you wish.
  • Scalability: Shopify is a scalable e-commerce platform and the best for all types of businesses, from startups to large enterprises. With a Shopify website, you can easily scale your business.
  • Built-in Security: Shopify is a secure platform and offers an in-built security mechanism. It offers SSL encryption, PCI compliance, and fraud prevention tools to protect your e-commerce website from any online threat.
  • Integrations: You can seamlessly integrate third-party apps and services, allowing you to easily add additional functionality to your store. It serves all purposes, like analytics & reporting, email marketing tools, inventory management software, and more, as you need.

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The Final Thoughts

The commerce market is booming and markets like UAE are experiencing huge growth. Most of the customers in the UAE prefer online shopping so if you launch a Shopify website for business, then it is advantageous.

Although you need to invest in it, it will be a worthy investment for your business. Regarding Shopify website development costs, you can have a website for approximately $15,000–$25,000.

However, the cost of developing a Shopify website depends on the requirements. You can consult with a Shopify web development company.

As an ecommerce development company in UAE, we develop Shopify website for businesses in and around UAE. We have an experienced team of Shopify developers, and they are experts in producing and performing Shopify apps and websites.

If you have a query, we would be happy to assist you in the best possible way. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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