Hire Web Developers in UAE as a Perfect Match for Your Next Project

Updated 01 Apr 2024
Published 01 Apr 2024
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Hire Web Developers in UAE

Are you excited about your next web application and want to hire web developers in UAE?

But do you know what the challenge is? You can easily find multiple profiles of web developers for hire in Dubai, UAE.

However, the big challenge is finding developers who can develop and deliver the project however you want.

No worries.

This article will help you find the right one for your next professional website or web app for business.

While reading it, you’ll know what you need to look at while hiring the best web developers in Dubai, possible hiring models, crucial steps you need to take, hiring costs, and other information that’ll make your search easy.

Let’s start with it.

Why do you Need to Hire Experienced Web Developers in Dubai?

Hiring web developers as a perfect match refers to hiring experienced developers to shape your dream idea into a web app for your business.

You’ll be surprised to know that there are multiple benefits associated. So, here is why you need to hire experienced web developers in Dubai, UAE.

  • Custom Web Development

One of the biggest benefits of hiring experienced web developers is that you can easily implement custom web development, as customization is one of their specialties.

  • Time-Saving

They know how to implement the code on time to follow the project development lifecycle as they ensure on-time project delivery.

  • Cost Saving

Developers with experience do not employ the hit-and-trial method. They know the exact process of requirement analysis and costing. So, you will have transparent costs without any hidden costs.

  • Technology

Qualified professionals always stay updated about the latest technologies so they can add value to your project by using them.

  • User Experience

Better user experience is always a priority for professional web developers, and they keep it on top while developing a website or web app.

Suppose you want to build an online marketplace like Haraj, and then they can help you create the best user experience.

  • Better Control

Experienced web developers have better control over the project than intermediaries or junior developers.

  • Scalability

Scalability is one of the advantages of professional web developers as it is included in their practices to develop scalable web apps and websites.

hire website developers in dubai

Types of Web Developers you can Hire in UAE

There are various aspects of web development, so you can hire web developers in Dubai based on them. Here are key categories of developers that you can choose on a work basis.

  • Front-end Web Developers

Front-end web developers are known for developing stunning web pages and visually rich interfaces, creating immersive user experiences, and more using their HTML, CSS, and JavaScript expertise.

  • Back-end Web Developers

Backend programmers or web developers are known for server-side programming, and they ensure robust backend code, secure connection of app/website with database, and developing server-side codes. They use languages like Python, Ruby, Java, Node.js, and more.

  • Full-Stack Web Developers

The developers experienced in developing backend and frontend codes are called full-stack developers. On one side, they can create user interfaces, and on the other side, they can create server-side codes.

If you are looking to develop complex apps quickly and at an affordable cost, it would be best to hire full-stack web developers in the UAE.

  • Ecommerce Developers

The UAE is the best place to start an ecommerce business as 99% of the population is online and prefers to buy online. So, if you are also looking for the same, it would be best to hire ecommerce developers in the UAE.

They can help you to reduce the cost to develop an ecommerce website and get it deployed on time.

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Key Qualities to Look While Hiring Web Developers in UAE

Hiring random developers is not the right idea; you must consider certain qualities before hiring web developers. It will help you to make the right decision for your project.

  • Technical Skills & Knowledge

Your priority must be to check the technical skills and knowledge of developers. Check their expertise in the latest web development technologies, including coding skills.

You can do it by going through work samples and technical interviews and testing them on mock programming cases.

  • Problem-Solving Attitude

Coding is not just writing the code and executing it; it requires a problem-solving attitude, too.

While interviewing the developers, test their problem-solving capabilities to ensure how they handle problems like run-time error handling and chalk out the solution for it.

  • Flexibility

Developers who are flexible in their work produce the best results compared to those who are rigid. Try to find out how they deal with shifting project demands or how they are capable of handling them.

  • Time Management

Time management directly influences project deliveries. The developers you are going to hire must have abilities to manage their time to ensure on-time deliveries.

Here, you can ask them about the decided timeline of projects already done and what amount of time they took to deliver that project.

  • Communication Skills

Communication is a must to develop the project and meet the requirements and deadlines. Most professional developers have good communication skills.

So, check the communication skills of the developers you have shortlisted for your project.

Easy Steps to Hire Best Web Developers in UAE

Now you have an ample amount of info about why you need to hire good developers, what their types are, and what skills you need to look for while hiring developers in Dubai.

So, it is time to reveal the answer to the most important question – how to hire web developers in UAE.

Here are some easy steps that will make your work easy.

# Step-1 Outline Project Requirements

Before hiring web developers, you must know the minor to major requirements of your project, such as features, functionality, user interface, database, and other things you need in your web app.

Additionally, the most important point is the project requirements must revolve around your target audience and the market, as the ultimate goal is to target and convert them into loyal customers.

#Step-2 Search for the Profiles

Once you have decided on the requirements, your next move must be to search for the profiles that you can search over the internet, job boards, and online platforms like Clutch, LinkedIn, and others.

You can also ask for references from your business friends if they know about any of the best web development companies in Dubai.

#Step-3 Check Ratings & Reviews

Do not forget to check the ratings and reviews given by their clients about the developers. For it, you can check their Google Business Profiles and review websites like Clutch.com and others.

#Step-4 Interview Developers and Test Their Skills

Once you have shortlisted the profiles of web developers or web development companies in UAE, the next thing you need to do is interview the developers to find out about their capabilities, qualities, and professional skills.

It is to ensure whether they are suitable to develop your project or not. While interviewing, ask them about

  • No. Of accomplished projects
  • Client profiles
  • Real case studies
  • Portfolios
  • Types of projects done
  • Technology expertise for web development and others.

#Step-5 Choose Hiring Models

After finding suitable developers, choose hiring models that refer to how much time they will work for you. The most popular hiring models are:

  •  Hourly Basis:

the developers will work for you on an hourly basis. In Dubai, you can hire dedicated developers at the cost of $20/hr onwards. It is suitable for short-term scope projects which require a few hours.

  • Part-time Basis:

The part-time hiring model is a slightly modified version of the hourly basis hiring model where developers will work on your project for dedicated hours in a day.

It is also suitable for short-term projects that require more hours of work or a month to complete the project.

  • Project-Based Hiring:

It is the best hiring model for completing projects on time and with affordable project costs. The developers will work on your project dedicatedly until its launch.

For example, you can develop a professional website under 2-3 months and with approx. Web development cost varies between $10,000 – $20,000.

After performing all the steps, it is time to start your project; once it is developed, test it and launch your web application or website to gain the best business outcomes.

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The Final Thoughts

Hiring and onboarding the right talent is always a bottleneck for every business. But the right approach can make it easy.

The motive for creating this blog is to make the challenge easy for readers like you who are looking to hire the best web developers in UAE for web development.

The steps you have read in this blog will help you a lot to find the right talent at the right time.

Remember that hiring costs will also play a role here; you can hire web developers for $20/hr onwards, and if you need them on a project basis, the right idea is to consult with a reliable web development company in Dubai.

Still, if you need more clarification about the hiring, engagement models, and the cost to hire web developers, our all-communication channels are open, and you can connect with us anytime.

We would be happy to assist you with all your hiring-related queries.

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