Strategies for Developing E-Commerce Websites in UAE

Updated 19 Mar 2024
Published 19 Mar 2024
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Strategies for Developing E-Commerce Websites in UAE

Shopping online is a norm, and e-commerce website development plays a critical role in its success. Amazon, Noon, and Namshi are some of the top brands that have created success stories with their e-commerce website and set an example for business owners.

What do you think is shared between them, excluding being an eCommerce portal?

You can observe that these websites are scalable and work seamlessly even during high hours or festival seasons. That is due to the efforts they have put in and e-commerce website development strategy they followed.

Do you know why 8 out of 10 ecommerce businesses fail? This is due to the absence of strategy, planning, and knowledge.

Hope you don’t want to do that. Here is the article that will make you understand things, and as an outcome of it, you will be able to create a perfect plan for your next e-commerce website development in UAE.

The clock is ticking, and time is going on, so let’s read this article.

UAE’s Ecommerce Market Landscape

Making a first move with market knowledge is recommended. So, in this section of the blog, we’ll go through some key stats.

By 2028, the e-commerce market in UAE will be far more than we thought. It is expected to be $9378.6 million (AED 34446.75 million) at a CAGR of 8.7% (2024-2028).

Another jaw-dropping stat is is the most prominent e-commerce player in the UAE e-commerce market, and what makes it on the top is revenue generated ($635.9 million) in 2023.

The fact is that the e-commerce market in UAE has experienced a boom in recent years, and it will continue in the upcoming years.

It encompasses a wide range of product categories, from fashion to beauty products and from grocery delivery to electronics. One thing is for sure: it is the right time to launch an e-commerce website but with a strategy.

Let’s continue with this blog to learn what the perfect strategy is to develop an e-commerce website.

Ecommerce Website Development

A Roadmap for Ecommerce Website Development

Even before playing a game, you need a strategy, and here you are about to launch your e-commerce web store. So, having a plan is more crucial.

Let’s have a look at how to make an e-commerce development strategy.

#1. Product Strategy

The first step to take before developing an e-commerce website in UAE is making a product strategy. It is about all aspects related to the product you want to sell.

It starts with research and development, such as what products you have for all and what your future products are.

Next to R&D, you need to find out the feasibility of the product on the market and how it fits the end customers’ needs.

Here, it would help if you also did a deep study of the supply chain network from where you will procure the products and who will be your suppliers.

#2. Customer Strategy

Customer strategy is also crucial before setting up an e-commerce business. You must know to whom you are going to sell your products.

Suppose you want to create an e-commerce store in the UAE to target all types of customers. You must have a buyer persona in your mind.

Here, you also need to focus on customers’ pain points. Remember to think about customer retention and services, as more than 89% of companies believe that retention and the best customer service are essential for growth.

#3. Marketing Strategy

A perfect marketing strategy can connect your e-commerce business with a potential customer base and increase your sales.

So, before developing your e-commerce website for UAE customers, you need to have all the cards in your hand.

The exercise you have done for product and customer strategy will provide you with a solid base. While developing the marketing strategy, consider how you will do-

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Paid Advertisement

All these are proven methods and will help you promote your website for e-commerce in Dubai, UAE.

#4. The Long Term Vision

Long-term vision is a critical component for the future of a business, and it is best to create it after product, customer, and marketing strategy.

It is like- after a specific time, what growth do you want to have with your e-commerce store, and what are your future goals?

Your vision must be to provide the best customer satisfaction, not just product selling.

#5. Establish Your Brand Internally

Every brand in this world is established internally first and then available to the customers.

It would help if you shared some valuable insights with your teams, like your business goals and how you will achieve them together, your target audience & market, products for sale, brand guidelines, and measures to take for the best customer service.

Later, you can move to logos, banners, or other branding activities.

#6. Consider Ecommerce Platform

There are multiple e-commerce platforms available that you can choose from to create your e-commerce store.

These platforms come with their own set of benefits and functionalities. There are three significant categories available to choose from.

  • Open Source

Open-source platforms are open for free use, and anyone can use them to develop e-commerce websites. One of its best examples is – WooCommerce Development.

The open-source platform development technology allows for limitless customization but needs advanced coding skills.

If you want to utilize it, the best idea is to collaborate with an experienced e-commerce website development company in the UAE.

  • SaaS

SaaS e-commerce stands for Software-as-a-Service e-commerce platform that comes with subscription-based services.

SaaS platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Salesforce, and Adobe Commerce (Magento) offer a variety of subscription plans from which you can choose.

Adding or customizing plugins can be a challenge that you can solve with the help of e-commerce developers in the UAE.

  • Headless Commerce

Headless commerce is an e-commerce architecture where the front-end stays decoupled from the back end. Simply, it keeps the shopping carts and display layer separate.

Using a CMS (content management system), DXP (digital experience platform), or customization, you can create an e-commerce site. For more specifications, you could contact an e-commerce consultant in Dubai.

#7. Ecommerce Website Designing & Development

Developing an e-commerce website is your prime goal now, but it requires expertise and years of knowledge.

A team of experienced e-commerce developers in UAE can save you time and money to do it seamlessly.

So, one of the crucial steps in developing an e-commerce store is to hire developers from an e-commerce software development company in the UAE.

While hiring developers, make sure they possess the talent to turn an idea into a fully functional e-commerce website.

The best idea to find desired developers is to go through their portfolio, case studies, and clients’ testimonials and get them confirmed by the clients for whom they have worked.

After hiring, get involved with the developers, design and develop your e-commerce website, test it, and launch it.

#8. Mobile Optimization

99% of the UAE population is online, and 65% of people use mobile devices for online shopping. So, you must focus on making your e-commerce website mobile-friendly.

Instead of using a desktop, your target audience must access your website from mobile hassle-free. It will increase your success rate.

#9. Brand Promotion

Whatever you decide in Step 3 (Marketing Strategy) will actually work here.

Now, it is time to implement the techniques for SEO, Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and paid advertisement. Create curiosity and turn the visitors into customers.

#10. Maintenance and Updates

Even after the launch of your e-commerce business website in Dubai, remember that you also need to have a plan for maintenance and updates.

It is pivotal for creating the best user experience. Maintenance and updates include website performance optimization, mobile page speed, optimization of navigation, and updating of website architecture.

This work also requires technical expertise so that you can create a strategy for it with the help of your e-commerce development services provider in UAE.

Ecommerce development company in uae

Wrapping it Up!

An e-commerce website for a business owner is more than just a place selling online products. It takes a good portion of time and costs.

A perfect strategy for developing an e-commerce website can add value and bring the desired result. It can provide you with a cutting edge amidst the high competition.

So, make it the best possible and keep experimenting with new things as your business moves forward.

Still, if you need any help contact us. Our team of e-commerce development experts has helped multiple businesses create a perfect strategy and implement it for e-commerce web and mobile development.

Consider us as your reliable tech partner to address your e-commerce idea into a real-time website or shopping app.

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