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Multiple tasks in every household require expertise, and that is only possible for some to DIY it. Now, customers prefer convenience and don’t hesitate to spend the amount to get the job done from handyman experts. If you are a home services provider, you can earn a good amount and expand your business with the help of a cutting-edge handyman app. We will make it for you as an experienced handyman app development company in the UAE. Our team of dedicated mobile app developers will help you from end to end. We have good experience in developing on-demand apps like the Handyman app.

Dubai's services industry is booming. Launching an app like TaskRabbit or VHelp is the right thing to do.

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On-Demand Handyman App Features To Make Your
Business Thrive

On-demand handyman app development is the best to scale your home services business in Dubai. It helps in customer handling, managing the workforce, monitoring the services, customer satisfaction, and more than you think. These features will help you a lot.

Customer App

The customer app is designed to simplify the task for every customer, where they can conveniently book an appointment with a professional handyman.

Social Media


Book A


Ratings &

Live Handyman

Chat & Call

Multiple Payment

Handyman App

The handyman app contains features that help professionals to manage their tasks, bookings, earnings, and more, like request approval, location, and more.


Accept or Reject

Manage Accepted


In-App Navigation

Select Active

In-App Media
Capture Support

Manage Ratings
& Reviews

Admin Panel

The app admin or business owner leverages admin panel features to completely control the app, customers, professionals, data management, and others.

Dedicated Role-based


Handyman Professionals

Customer Relationship

Content Management

Marketing & Advertisement

Advance Business

AI-Powered Business

Time is valuable, and a handyman app saves it for a customer. Using your handyman service app should be fun for the customer.

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Let’s Make Your Handyman App More Advanced

These advanced features are to enhance the customer experience and satisfaction up to the maximum level. Each feature is for advanced handyman app development and to make it customer-centric.

Quick Scheduling

On a tap, customers can schedule the desired handyman services in UAE, such as plumbing, electrician services, and more.

AI-Based Search

The AI-based voice-enabled search helps customers search for home services within seconds and connect with experts.

Service Subscription

The service subscription with an automated payment facility helps customers to get the services uninterrupted weekly or monthly.

Online Catalog

The service providers can create an online catalog of their services, and conversely, the customers will have all the service details, including price.

Advanced-Data Analytics

As a business owner, you can leverage an on-demand handyman app for data collection and analysis to create a perfect business strategy.

Personalized Discounts

Based on the customer’s history, you can offer personalized discounts to your customers by creating coupons, offers, loyalty rewards, and more.

Handyman App Development Solution for Every Business Model

It will be your business, so the solution will be accordingly as a handyman app development company, we possess the expertise to turn a handyman app idea into a real-time performing mobile app.

Handyman Services Agency

Own a handyman services agency and want to make your service bookings online? Then, grow your business with our handyman app development services.

Handyman Services Marketplace

Create a handyman services marketplace where customers and professionals can connect with each other. Our dedicated mobile app developers will help you.

Chain of Service Experts

If you want to start a home services chain in UAE, then Arka Softwares can be your right technology partner for handyman mobile app development.

On-Demand Handyman Services

If you deal in on-demand services that require immediate assistance, then we can make your reach faster to the customer via home service app development.

Our Clientele Is Raving About Our Development Process! 

Our dedication to on-time project delivery has helped us build strong relationships with clients across the UAE. We focus on meeting their
requirements and delivering expected solutions.

Pedro Paulo Marchesi Mello

"I started my project with Arka Softwares because it is a reputed company. And when I started working with them for my project, I found out that they have everything essential for my work. The app is still under development and but quite confident and it will turn out to be the best."

Pedro Paulo Marchesi Mello

Web Development for Service Provider
Jesse Jacob

"IPC Kuwait app is based on my unique idea, and there is no such app in the world in my knowledge. But Arka Softwares developed and designed the app effortlessly with their skills. There were some challenges but they professional dealt with everything and gave me the app I wanted. Strongly recommended!"

Jesse Jacob

App Development for IPC Kuwait
Bhushan K

"The company has yet to launch the project for end-users and don't have any specific metrics to share. But they are hopeful that their audience will engage with the platform once they do make it available. While the company wishes the vendor used a tool like Jira, they appreciated their cooperation."

Bhushan K

Web Development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mohammed Binafif

"The tutoring platform met expectations and had minor bugs. ARKA Softwares handled API issues with proactiveness and accountability. Their team excels in resolving problems that may arise and working in a milestone-driven approach. Responsiveness and flexibility are hallmarks of their work."

Mohammed Binafif

Web Development in Saudi Arabia
Faris Alqarni

"Internal stakeholders are pleased with the functionality and performance of the app. ARKA Softwares managed the project effectively, offering frequent documentation and progress check-ins. Their innovative approach, coupled with their wealth of experience, set them apart."

Faris Alqarni

Mobile App Development in Saudi Arabia
Prasad Lyagala

"ARKA Softwares delivered a high-quality website without any issues or bugs. Their communicative team is skilled in design and development. Customers can expect a dedicated team that meets deadlines."

Prasad Lyagala

E-commerce Development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Case studies prove what we said

Arka Softwares owes its success to each team member who fearlessly ventured into unknown planes of their imagination, pulled out innovative ideas,
and turned them into a reality.


Yes, of course, we can develop and provide you with the app that will help you to provide your services seamlessly and grow your business. We are a handyman app development company in UAE that serves almost all sizes of businesses, from a startup to enterprises.

The top factors that decide the cost of developing a handyman app are your business size, the number of services you provide, and the number of customers you want to serve. All these are related to the app's complexity and features. If you need a basic app, then the average cost could be $15000-$25000. The advanced handyman app development cost could be more than mentioned.

There will be no issue with that. You can contact us anytime. Our team of mobile app development experts will be happy to assist you. If you need maintenance services, then we can also provide you with it.

Yes, we provide white-label handyman app development services for almost all types of business models. Including it if you need any type of customization or increment, then we can also assist you with it.

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