How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Kidzapp?

Updated 15 May 2024
Published 15 May 2024
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how to develop app like kidzapp

In today’s tech-driven era, devices like smartphones and tablets have reshaped the landscape of education. Educational apps stand at the forefront of this digital innovation.

From schools advising your child to use this app to interactive games being offered by educational companies, the apps present several opportunities for children to learn and grow.

As an app development company, you can cash in on this trend and deepen your roots in the competitive market.

In the writing that follows, we will dive deeper into the key fundamentals of developing an educational app like We will explore insightful tips and strategies for aspiring development teams.

From conceptualization to deployment, we shall navigate the key steps and sub-steps in the entire process. Let’s explore it all in the content that follows:

Why do parents need educational apps like Kidzapp?

Educational apps or, as we should call them, digital gems, offer a wealth of information about family-friendly events and services all on one convenient platform.

Parents and caregivers today are busier than ever. It can be hard for parents to balance work, parenting, and finding fun things for their kids to do.

This is where educational apps come in and make life easy for millions of families around the world. In fact, the market for family and kids’ apps is growing quickly.

The global app education market industry is about to reach a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 23.34% between 2024 and 2032.

global app education market industry

This makes it even more important to find and work with agencies that create custom e-learning apps for UAE education institutes.

Why are we using Kidzapp as a reference?

KidzApp is a website and smartphone app that helps parents and other adults who care for children find and book events and activities that are good for the whole family.

From play dates and classes to educational talks and fun trips, it’s a one-stop destination for finding things to do with kids.

Are you ready to dive into the world of educational apps? Contact our e-learning app development company in Dubai to transform your ideas into innovative creations.

Putting companies on the Kidzapp platform makes it easy for parents to find activities that offer services and events that kids will enjoy.

You can find, book, and handle family-friendly events through apps created by a professional app development company in Dubai.

These apps give parents a useful and simple way to spend quality time with their kids.

Perks of creating an educational app

Contrary to what you may believe, there are plenty of reasons why companies are now entering the race to create custom e-learning app for UAE education institutes.

Aside from bringing people to the internet, an educational app carries many benefits. These include, but not are not limited to:

  • An exploration of choices

Online educational app development companies that deal in web design and development services can be outsourced from any corner of the globe.

The contract doesn’t depend on where you live, giving you more choices. These companies can easily study, research, and offer services to universities, schools, and other educational choices in any city or area.

People can get learning materials and information from almost anywhere using these apps. With the help of educational apps, some people now combine learning in a regular classroom with learning online.

There are a lot of competitors, so you need to be careful when you find your company to develop an educational website like

  • Cost-effectiveness comes into play

These apps help save money to the core. There are free ideas for educational purposes in these apps. You can learn new languages for free with apps on your phone.

No matter if the software is free or costs money every month, it will still be cheaper than getting a teacher. Smartphone apps are easier for everyone to get because they don’t require a big cash investment.

  • Always ready for you

If you have a smartphone, you can get any information you want, whenever you want. In regular schools, colleges, and universities, it’s not possible to be reached at any time of the day.

It is only during set times that students can learn and talk to their teachers. You can use mobile training apps as per your needs.

  • Engaging short lessons

In addition to being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, educational apps usually provide learning material in short sessions.

In today’s busy and fast-paced world, this makes it easier to plan time for learning. Users are more likely to attend more often when lessons are short, which increases their output and efficiency.

  • Games and education go side by side

Another advantage is that mobile apps can teach children in a highly interesting manner. Mobile apps are more interesting to students than regular classrooms or Internet classes.

Everyone, from adults to teens to kids, likes to have fun. If the teaching software works well, it will give you fun tasks to do and a way to track your progress to make learning easy.

  • Offering individualized plans

In most educational apps, you can save your best lessons and keep track of your progress in a profile that has your name and picture.

You can pick any subject to learn at any time and in any way you want. People are even more interested in mobile learning because it can be changed so much.

  • Apps are easy

When developing teaching apps, app development company Dubai ensures that the UX/UI design is kept simple.

People are more interested in them because they work with screens on smartphones. You can use them while on the go, check updates, and even try them when traveling.

What is the purpose of developing an educational app?

The point of making an education app isn’t just to be ahead of the curve or follow the latest trend.

Implementing an education app creation process is also meant to teach and give customers the ability to access useful learning materials from anywhere and at any time.

So, the process isn’t just limited to kid’s apps; people of all ages can benefit from these apps that teach their users something rather than just killing their time.

Children of all ages work in education, starting with younger kids. Other kids may just want to improve their basic skills to make learning easier.

Now, these educational apps are mostly aimed at students, candidates, and children who need help studying for tests. Some experts want to keep their high level of qualifications or move on to the next one.

So, if you want to make an app, you need to know who you’re making it for, what kind of information they need, and what kind of app your business needs to make. Coming up with an idea is the first step toward it.

How to develop an educational app like Kidzapp?

Taking into account’s idea, features, and business plan, the steps below can help you make an app that is similar:

  • Study and research

It is always a good idea to study your target market and competition. Find the loopholes in the market that your program can fill.

The school market has become one of the most important places to test the newest technologies, and companies benefit by making money.

By the end of 2024, the market for training apps is expected to have grown by more than $46 billion.

With these numbers on industry growth, you need to pay close attention to this step because one of the main reasons so many businesses fail before they can make a statement is that they don’t do enough market research.

So, if your company wants to make an app that is focused on the customer, you need to ask people what they think.

As part of your study, you should do a poll. This can be done online or in person. Make a plan for how to improve your app based on that.

  • Conceptualization

Try to make a list of your app’s most important features and functions, adding your own unique value propositions and pulling ideas from

Before you start making an educational app, you need to know what it will add to the market.

You also need to know what these companies want to see on their phones, such as trends, knowledge-based libraries, or ways for people to talk to each other.

Taking all of these into account, you may come up with some new ways to make apps. Don’t forget about technology during this process.

When you make an app, you should think about using cutting-edge technology that will help your customers in a way that is easy to understand and respond to.

To that end, try getting a group of experienced app developers together to make the app work on both iOS and Android.

  • Content Partnerships

To add events and activities to your app, you may look to work with activity centers, event planners, and content creators to form partnerships.

  • User system (UI/UX)

Make sure that when you create a custom e-learning app for a UAE education institute, the foundation of a UI/UX system looks good, is fun to use, and is easy to understand.

One cannot stress enough about how important first impressions are. Most of the time, you need to inspire your audience right away, especially if they are diverse.

The educational app will only be downloaded by students, teachers, and schools if it looks good and is simple to use.

And again, when it comes to kids, simple style is very important. At the same time, the bright pictures and fun sounds should meet the needs of all customers.

  • Payment Integration

Give people a safe way to buy things inside your app, sign up for services, and book events. This is done by integrating quality payment gateways that are suitable to be used in a specific country.

You may include all major options like credit cards, debit cards, UPIs, net banking, third-party payment apps, etc. You may also integrate the app with GPS technology to advise users on events based on where they are.

What would it cost to make an app like Kidzapp?

While the general price range for making an app like Kidzapp is between 50,000 and 60,000 AED, this can change a lot based on features, platform (iOS and Android), design complexity, and location.

Keep in mind that you will have to make more investments for changes and ongoing upkeep.

To get a custom quote for developing an educational app similar to Kidsapp, connect with experts at Arka Softwares.

How to Make Money with an Educational App?

  • Ads Integration

Advertisements are popular right now because they let people use apps for free. But be careful about which ads you pick and how many there are, especially in kid-friendly apps.

  • Apps That Cost Money

We all know that not all users are ready to pay for the software they use. So, make sure to talk about and promote how your app is better than others on the market, what makes it special, and why people need it. Also, make sure to set reasonable prices.

  • Offering extra Features

You can tell the difference between the app’s free and paid functions with its extra features.

If you download the free version of the app, all you’ll get are simple learning tools that let users test their knowledge and skills.

The paid version, on the other hand, has more advanced material that may help students move through their course.

  • Subscription packages

One of the most common ways to make money is through subscriptions. A regular subscription or a subscription that lasts forever is up to you.

Summing it up

From all the points and facets included in this blog post, you may realize how educational apps can be a sure-shot way to success.

The one you create might be the favorite of everyone, including parents, teachers, and kids. If you tread with grit and caution, you can easily make a great educational cap that is not as good as Kidzapp, but even better.

Once done successfully, you can take advantage of a huge customer base, better ROI, and a brand name in the industry.

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